Monday, May 12, 2014

Just Close Your Eyes...

Fifty. That's the number of years since the Hills were hypnotized.

Hundreds of thousands. That's how many advances have been made in fields such as medicine, forensics and psychology during those fifty years.

Zero is the number of those advances that have been incorporated into research of alien abduction. By and large, the standard and preferred means of investigation, even by an organization (MUFON) that purports to conduct scientific research, continues after five decades to be to encourage witnesses to close their eyes, relax and describe what happened.


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  1. Here are my suggestions that the ufo field could consider following, in regard to ufo research involving human research subjects, based on the U.S. Office for Human Research Protections procedures.

    1.) Investigate human research subject abuses as thoroughly as possible and in detail.

    2.) Make determinations about every aspect of the abuses, and why they were wrong and should not have been done that way.

    3.) Provide information to assist the transgressors in learning why it was wrong, and how to avoid it in the future.

    4.) Ban serious violators from all future research under whichever organization is concerned, and don't engage with, or promote the work of, serious violators of human research protections.

    5.) Put procedures in place so that the chances of those types of abuses happening again is minimized, and set up ways of dealing with the situation if they do happen again.

    6.) Once the protection of human research subjects is sorted out, then researchers devise better ways of researching the topics in question.

    Thanks Jack,


    1. Thank you, Emma. Those are certainly reasonable considerations. I agree that the UFO community should take a much closer look at the guidelines and protocols established in related fields of which it overlaps, such as the professional research community and the nonprofit industry. As you suggest, ufology is by no means exempt from the practice of such otherwise universally recognized standards. Demonstrating an awareness of their existence would indeed be a good start!

  2. > Zero is the number of those advances that have been incorporated into research of alien abduction.

    True. When abduction proponents complain that science won't address their evidence, I point out that science has published tens of thousands of papers and books on memory, amnesia, hypnosis, factitious disorders, etc. I tend not to get a response.

  3. I just found this blog about an hour ago and can see I will be reading it any chance I get the next few days.

    Great blog, man. I'm so happy I found it...happy holidays.