Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Posts on Disclosure

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is inching ever closer. Meanwhile, related tensions are running high in the UFO community, as may be viewed in the comments and articles over at Orlando Paranormal Examiner.

Readers might find of interest my general assessment of the disclosure concept in Why official UFO disclosure impractical. That was followed up with some articles containing remarks from Steve Bassett, the guy heading up the mock hearing to be made into a movie, including Bassett: Former members of Congress compensated and terms are 'private.'

It has since come to light that our former elected officials are each pocketing about 20 grand plus expenses for their appearances. My interview with Nick Pope indicated those appearing at the event as witnesses, which include such figures as Steven Greer and George Filer, are also receiving various forms of compensation, whatever they may be.

Rounding out the recent posts is Kevin Randle weighs in on UFO disclosure, in which we see that Mr. Randle clearly does not share either my or Mr. Pope's interpretations of some of the relevant issues. Readers might also choose to take a look at Barbara Lamb and MUFON: 'ET-human hybrids: They are real and they are here.'

Comments and discussion most welcomed.

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