Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seeking Witnesses to Casselberry July 4, 2004 Case

I am currently in the process of researching the Casselberry July 4, 2004 incident. Please contact me if you are a witness or interested party. Confidentiality will be respected.

The evening of July 4, 2004, the Orlando, Fla. suburb of Casselberry was the site of an incident described by initial witnesses as extraordinary. Approximately 9 p.m. a bright flash lit up the night and was followed by a lingering boom. While some suggested it was no more than lightning, others were insulted by the possible explanation, saying they never saw any such lightning before.

Yet others claimed to believe some type of object fell or crashed, and some went as far as to state on Internet message boards and similar sites that NASA personnel were dispatched to the area. Reports were submitted to UFO-related organizations and conspiracies were alleged.

Have a story to tell? Let me hear from you.


  1. The hugely bright flash visible and associated thundering heard in one purported July 4th 2004 fireworks video from the Casselberry, FL is undoubtedly just lightning. Probably positive ditto though, that can travel very far and that is typically immensely more powerful than the more common negative bolts. I experienced one of those once, it was ridiculously bright and loud and it was the only bolt I saw that night except from a few fainter flashes far away (which leads me to think that the same thing could have happened in Casselberry, with any other more distant bolts being drowned out by the fireworks).

    The various reports submitted to MUFON etc. seem to all describe different things, from a powerful lightning strike to a bolide, with the discrepancies in mind it's best to remain cautious (though they all tend to agree that somebody heard somebody say something about seeing NASA, the feds and men in black covering somehing up, of course).

    Looking forward for more on this case if you manage to find any eyewitnesses.


    1. Thanks for your interest, JHA! I would indeed particularly like to hear from individuals who reportedly observed official personnel in the area. I would also like to hear from witnesses who reported observing a fireball-like object. My email address can be obtained through my profile: