Monday, February 11, 2013

Questions on Disclosure

Let's think about this disclosure thing a bit. As I understand it, there are some guys that consider themselves activists in something they call exopolitics. Those guys tell us we should join them in demanding Washington spill the beans they have long hoarded about aliens among us. I have some questions.

Why give the US government so much of the credit when it comes to keeping the lid on aliens? Can't the exos think of anywhere else to look for answers about the UFO phenomenon, anywhere at all?

Boulevard of disclosure a one-way street

Have any of those activists talked to Greer? Like, has anyone championing disclosure demanded Greer disclose data? Wouldn't it stand to reason that if you're spearheading public disclosure of the truth about aliens, you'd drop a guy an email that claims to have one in a box? If not, why not?

Okay, forget Greer. That situation is only of interest due to its continued public support in the face of such profound absurdity.

How about the Mutual UFO Network? Those guys and gals have been chasing saucers longer than some of us can remember, and it's tougher to get straight answers out of some of them than verification of election results from a third world country. Why aren't disclosure activists complaining about MUFON secrecy and double standards? Wouldn't it stand to reason that anyone sincerely interested in the truth would be hammering The Captain and the MUFON board of directors with the same persistence in which they hound White House staff?

Maybe the only thing MUFON could tell us was that after having bird-dogged thousands of UFO sightings and reports of alien abduction, it has absolutely no conclusive evidence whatsoever of any aliens. Even if that were the case, wouldn't that be something you would think should be published in the spirit of disclosing the truth?

Another thing... Genre icon Whitley Strieber claimed he has an implant in his ear. He also claimed it repeatedly dodged a scalpel during a doctor's attempts to remove it. Have any disclosure activists demanded Strieber disclose corroborating data? Why not? Wouldn't taking a look at the man's ear, or at the least asking him to cough up related data, seem like much more practical uses of resources than trying to send a million faxes to Washington? That would seem to be the case, anyway, if one were genuinely interested in the disclosure of actuality.

Have any activists made repeated demands of Robert Bigelow? Shouldn't they demand that he, like Uncle Sam, come clean in the name of truth, the public's right to know and all that? Aren't they curious what's in his files?

Scamming, naive or biased?

Rational individuals will simply suspect self-described disclosure activists are insincere, naive or without objectivity until circumstances such as questioned above are adequately addressed. Those activists might, however, continue to be rather successful at getting irrational individuals to climb on board.

The entire situation is unfortunate in that it stands to further divide the UFO community into its poorly conceived – even if comfortably preferred - sects of debunkers, believers and so on. It's the old 'you're either with us or against us' strategy, exploiting people into adopting naively simplistic perspectives in which intelligent inquiry is neither required, rewarded nor allowed.

There are aliens. The White House knows. Demand they say so.

There ya go. What more of a platform could you want out of an activist movement?


  1. Good points!

    The idea of "exopolitics" is silly. It borders on the sci-fi Federation of Star Trek lore. And, I think Greer (or people like him) use the term "federation" or something very close.

    Good point about Streiber and his implant. Honestly, if I had that and it ran away from the surgeon's scalpel (as Streiber claimed) I'd want it out...pronto - No matter how many attempts it might take. And, yes, film it being removed. I don't think Streiber would have died (that excellent clip from the Taken series where the implant is removed, killing the abductee and the people surrounding him - very dramatic and moving, but it's sci-fi).

    I also would like consistency from my fellow 'believers' who have a bully pulpit in podcasts and/or forums where they criticize and make fun of the Hopkins & Jacobs hybrid theory (though there are other investigators, who've come to this same disturbing conclusion). These 'believers' turn a blind eye and ear to Streiber going on and on about hybrids. He claims to have met them. I don't see the 'believer' activists who have axes to grind against Hopkins & Jacobs go after Streiber for the same point because they want to get along with him to go on his program or to have him on their podcast. That's obvious hypocrisy.

    I'd also, from a 'believer' perspective, want to see much more transparency in ufo investigations. As an example - the 'Marley Woods' case has been investigated for how many years now? I think over an decade. Several people in a neighborhood with ufo sightings, orb sightings, possible abductions, alien and cryptid sightings and assorted paranormal activity. Ted Phillips (the lead investigator) has been on some podcasts over the years and asked for donations for their ongoing investigative efforts. *Yet* he also makes it known that the site has to remain unknown ( Marley Woods is a pseudonym)and he upped the ante a couple of years ago, in an interview, where he claimed that the neighborhood people carry shot guns and would have no problem shooting a curious person who happens to trespass on their property. Right there, the 'believers' should withdraw support - monetary as well as moral. Absurd secrecy and then threats like that should never be tolerated.

    As for the enigmatic Bob Bigelow - The only well-known person recently who's questioned Bob Bigelow and his connection to ufo reports has been Jesse Ventura on his Conspiracy program. Bigelow basically is doing whatever the heck he wants with personal reports he purchased from Mufon and he refuses to explain what that is. I'd also like to know if Bigelow is completely out of the 'Gorman Ranch' (family name is actually Sherman) where his now-defunct NIDS once investigated. According to locals, there is still a security presence on the ranch (hired and paid for by whom?). Ventura found this out when he investigated it too.

    ~ Susan

  2. Thanks for your comments, Susan. I am glad you find the topic thought provocative.

    I will soon have much more on the subject posted on my 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' page, including statements obtained from Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group. Readers may then assess for themselves what they think about his disclosure activities.

    1. You're welcome, Jack! I'll keep an eye out on your 'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' page, re. Stephen Bassett. Thanks! ~ Susan

  3. Isn't all of MUFON, part and parcel, now owned by Bigelow?