Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moody Publishes Moseley Interview

Lance Moody published a video of an interview he conducted with Jim Moseley. The piece was originally filmed in 2001 at the site of the Silver Bridge collapse of Mothman fame. The video can be viewed on Lance's blog, 'What the Hell Was That?'.

Moseley, a long time writer and researcher within the UFO community, recently passed away and was known for his popular newsletter, 'Saucer Smear'. His adventures in ufology spanned some 60 years and he frequently called on his rich sense of humor to express his perspectives and describe his experiences within the genre.

During the interview, Moseley addressed such topics as the evolution of the 'Smear' and the birth of what came to be known as the Men In Black. He explained why he concluded self-proclaimed contactee George Adamski made the whole story up, and described some of his own experience hoaxing hoaxers. Moseley shared about his involvement in late night radio, which included dealings with such characters as Long John Nevel and The Amazing Randi. Lance described Moseley as a friend he spoke with regularly for some 20 years.


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  1. As a newbie, I have read only a dozen or so issues of Saucer Smear, but I did read Moseley's memoir. Is there a better one-volume introduction to ufology? (Under 1000 pages, that is.)

    I regret that I came on the scene so late and never became a non-subscriber!

    Ironists will be missed...